“It`s a time to become humans”

“It`s a time to become humans”
It was an exemplary support and there is no doubt that new players of both teams – Obinna and Da Costa from English Premier League, Caicedo from Spanish Primera, Kriscito form Serie A, Zapater from Portuguese League – were impressed. If it wasn`t such support I don`t think that railwaymen would be able to make such fantastic comeback. All four goals were scored by new players – triumph of summer selection by Alexei Smertin!

On post match press conference Jose Couceiro dared to argue against board of Russian Football Union and expressed his perplexity why Welliton was punished for 6 games while rough foul against Torbinskiy in game with Volga was being left without attention.
I want to thank Couceiro for this remark. He has shown, that he worries not only about his club problems.

It was impossible to win such game only due to emotions. Frankly speaking, I wasn`t very enthusiastic about Lokomotiv summer selection. But on Saturday I have understood what for it was made.

Lokomotiv has found muscles. For the first time during a long period the team is able to crush. Before the team was small, fragile and Tarasov in comparison with others looked the alone watchtower. And now tall midfielder is very organic in this team. Such athletes like Caicedo, Obinna, Da Costa are able not only to win, but and to sweep away. Second goal – rugby stile scramble in the penalty area and ball jumped aside to Caicedo. Third goal – super jump of Da Costa, about whose talent of playing in the air told me Avraam Grant…

Will the force pressure of new Lokomotiv become it`s distinctive mark – we will see. But on Saturday Couceiro`s team shown that good defense is not only one that they have. In this game defense didn`t play very good – but the attack was beautiful.

Before the match against Zenit the new Loko was perceived with a big curiosity, but and with a scepsis as well: the opponents of the team weren`t very strong. But now it`s a real interest. What is it? Is it seriously and for how long? However it`s a big mistake to say that only foreign players perform a solo: against Zenit Glushakov was brilliant, and two goals were scored after passes of Shishkin.

11 September 2011

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