Olga Smorodskaya: “We don`t intend to say goodbye to Loskov”

Olga Smorodskaya: “We don`t intend to say goodbye to Loskov”

Hunting for Pavlyuchenko? Nonsense!

- Let`s start from pleasant, Olga Yurievna. Not so far I spoke in Lille with Marco Basha, and he asked me to give you his regards and kind wishes.

- Oh, it`s so nice to hear that! I was moved by his interview in Sovetskiy Sport. Beautiful football player and very nice man in communication, do you agree? Now in Lille he has a position which he wanted to have. To tell you the truth he wanted to Lille. I thank Marco very much for the time that he spent in Lokomotiv.

- Who else does want to Europe?

- The French had been following Marco for a long time. But now there is no interest to our players in Europe.

- It`s known about Dmitriy Sychev: his agent is in contact with you about the new contract, player himself is trying to make an impression to deserve the prolongation. When will the news be?

- Sychev wants to stay in Lokomotiv. We want it as well. I hope it will happen. But I don`t want to open the details of negotiations. This work is carrying on now.

- English and Italian media write that Lokomotiv is hunting for Roman Pavlyuchenko.

- I have no doubt that many clubs are hunting for him. But transfer window in Russia is closed, so all spreading information about Pavlyuchenko is a nonsense.   

Rotation of the squad is very useful

- About minimal task – place in Top-3 – you were being asked many times. But if to take higher?

- Ambitious club should venture more high task. And we, for sure, want. But we have an immediate goal. Step by step.

- It`s impossible to cavil at Couceiro now. When he came to our office he had charmed many of us; and in his job is going on well.

- This is a short summary about him. He is a professional and he is hip to all the newest tendencies. Having a good choice of players he correctly uses them. He has found common language with guys. It`s interesting for them to work.

- In addition I want to say, that with Couceiro Lokomotiv has caught a boldness. Jose is a motivator!

- First of all he is a tactician and then – motivator. I have first-hand notion about work of our coach because I observe his work, trainings. And, surely, one-on-one communication gives a lot.

- Summer transfer work of Lokomotiv aroused a scepsis of many people. But it seems that Obinna, Caicedo, Da Costa and Zapater have joined the team harmoniously.

- I know no one specialist who had a scepsis about our transfer company. Scepcis was been only in media. But I had no doubts. We had worked a lot to minimize a probability of mistake. Jose has approved all our signs. And successfully works with new players.

- A few coaches in Russia deliberately make so serious variations in the squad. All 25 players, alternating, have a practice. And in each game – new combination of defenders.

- In our case rotation is very good. When football player doesn`t play he can perceive the situation painfully. To make nervous a main squad, a bench and himself. While methods of Couceiro make everybody feel better and improve all the guys.

- Let`s analyse the example of Andrey Ivanov. He had participated only in two games for nine months in the team. Has he a grudge?

- The question about Ivanov concerns not only rotation and competition. Andrey was injured, had a surgery. He had recovered from his injury in August. I guess he is satisfied by his present status in the team. Particularly after the game against Luch-Energiya where he scored his first goal in career.    

- After the match against Luch I didn`t have a time to ask Couceiro: where are Marenich, Poloz, Stanislav Ivanov? These players have no doubts that they satisfy the requirements of Premier League.

- Marenich and Poloz are playing for Youth team. Stas was injured. He has just returned to trainings in a common group.   

- Lokomotiv had been looking for Russian goalkeeper, but the desired candidate Gabulov had moved to other team. May be Alexander Filtsov is the one who embodies the inner reserve?

- The injury of Amelchenko made us look for a goalkeeper. We were interested in Gabulov indeed. However Filtsov was always appreciated, but he is very young for goalkeeper. Though in a difficult moment he very helped us and played adultly. He made well. And now everything depends on him, how will he make a progress.

- One of European agents has told to Sovetskiy Sport, that Guilherme will move to Europe in 2012. How possible is this option?

- I`m astonished by informational activities of agents. Why they have decided that Guilherme will leave Lokomotiv? We even didn`t discuss this question with Guilherme. He has a contract.

Loskov and Tikhonov are unique persons

- Did you watch the game Spartak – Krylya Sovetov?

- In a record.

- And how was your impression?

- Very strong. It was a beautiful game and beautiful farewell with career of player. Andrey Tikhonov had played excellent game. Very clever man, it is obvious.  

- I guess you will agree with me: Dmitriy Loskov has to leave likewise.

- To leave?! We don`t intend to say goodbye to Loskov.

- How is that?! You arranged with him that he plays till the winter and that`s enough.

- You see: Dmitriy participates almost in all matches. Head coach mentions his contribution. Why we have to touch upon the question of our captain`s future? Everything is obvious on the pitch. And Loskov, and Tikhonov are unique players, and not only in terms of football longevity. Let Dmitriy play as much as he likes.

- If Loskov will wish to continue till the World Cup in Russia?

- We`ll wait and see.   

Grigoriev`s case is alive

- Grigoriev`s case which resounded on spring is still alive? Or it was cancelled in Lausanne?

- This case is still in the court of Lausanne. We know the squad of the court – there are three persons assigned. We know the secretary of the court who notifies about everything. You know it`s not a committee in federation, but reviewing court, where procedures are proceed not so fast. I can`t say that somebody drags out the process. But the issue is moving slowly. In one week we hope to know the date of hearings.

- What do you think about RFPL decision to make a blind draw of spring part of Championship?

- There is no big difference with whom and in which sequence to play. All matches will be like final. FC Lokomotiv didn’t make suggestions or amendments about spring part. But there are questions about dates. I would like RFPL make preparation works to final part of Championship more clear and quickly. The schedule is making up very late, they had to do it early. As a result we haven`t made a completed plan for winter-spring in our club yet. It`s difficult to plan training camps when the organizer doesn`t give you the exact dates of the official games.

- How is the Dutch pitch on the stadium in Cherkizovo by the way? Is it ready for winter?

- Winter doesn’t cause concerns. But we worry about eurocup`s schedule where there are games on December and February. It`s a big challenge for the pitch. Grass at this period should have a time for sleeping. But it comes out that we will play on it.

- Maybe to use the reserve stadium?

- We have declared Luzhniki. In case if in Moscow it is very very cold, below -15, matches could be played in Luzhniki. There due to peculiarities of the construction the temperature is a little warmer always.

- Have you already found a keeper for club museum?

- Not yet. But these cares are pleasant. We hope to open the museum this year. Now we continue to collect exhibits, finish repair works.

- What will you give to the museum from your family?

- I don`t have antique relics which are associated with history of Lokomotiv.

- Remember, may be you were presented something valuable?

- Yeah, I have a written message and signature from Valentin Bubukin. You have suggested an idea…

24 September 2011

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