Let`s help to Vladislav!

Let`s help to Vladislav!
Football club Lokomotiv continues collecting money for medical treatment of our team supporter.

In his letter 24 years old Vladislav Neganov, facing serious problems with health, has appealed to board and all supporters of our club. We give quotes from letter of Vladislav.

- I need an urgent, very difficult and expensive backbone surgery. The cost of the surgery and post surgery period is 700 000 rubles. For me and my mother it`s very big amount…amount of my life.

I appeal to you as to a big family! Me and my parents can`t solve this problem which is a disaster of all my life for several years. We appealed to funds and companies, wrote to the State Duma and to minister of public health Golikova Tatiana Alexeevna. Nowhere we have got a concrete answer. Everything hinges on huge amount. I support you by my soul… and rely on you only!

Football club Lokomotiv has already assigned money for medical treatment of Vladislav. We hope that everybody who has read this letter won`t remind aside this problem as well. Let`s help to Vladislav Neganov together!

Contacts of Vladislav:

E-mail: vadik2110@rambler.ru; domodedovo5@live.ru

Telephones: +7 (916) 011-34-34 – Vladislav; +7 (903) 721-44-89 - mother Svetlana Alekseevna; +7 (496) 794-12-23 - home telephone.

Account number in Yandex.Money: 410011043688143.

№ of Sberbank credit card Maestro Momentum: 67619600 0027304923

20 September 2011 13:50

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