Season pass-2021/22 sale continues

Season pass-2021/22 sale continues

Season pass-2021/22 sale continues!

Starting today, holders of season pass-2019/20 and subscriptions for the 2020/21 season can buy any of the seats that were not purchased at the first stage of sales.

NB: now season pass is accessible for club card holders: each card holder can buy any free seat in their favorite sector!

Season pass-2021/22: how to buy

First: log in to your personal account on the website: you can write your club card number, email or phone number in.

Make sure that your club card is displayed in your personal account: the purchase of season pass is only available to owners of physical (plastic) club cards*.

To buy a season pass, log in to the site, go to the section and choose the match package that suits you (we recommend choosing the option with the UEFA Europa League – secure your place at the main matches of the autumn right now).

We have collected detailed information about personalized discounts, exclusive offers for the whole family and prices for a new season pass in our big announcement.

We will be ready to answer any additional questions about the season pass (subscription) program. To submit a question, use the feedback form on the website.

* Club cards will not be issued to new fans until July 1. The office of the department for working with fans is open for re-issuing old-style club cards (before 2013) and issuing club cards for previously submitted applications.

Season pass price list:

sector RPL+CUP, ₽ RPL+CUP+UEFA EL, ₽
1xLounge from 150 000 from 180 000
«SEVErny express» from 90 000 from 120 000
VIP from 65 000 from 90 000
COMFORT from 30 000 from 45 000
westers stand
from 9 000 from 10 000
eastern stand from 7 500 from 9 000
southern stand from 5 500 from 7 000


21 June 2021 16:00

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