Guilherme: We need the same emotions in the league

Guilherme: We need the same emotions in the league

Lokomotiv goalkeeper Marinato Guilherme shared his emotions after the match with Atletico (1:1) in the Gameweek 3 of the Champions League group stage.

- When we play in the Champions League, especially at home, emotions are always great. The fans always support us. Today we showed again that we can play against top-level teams. We have potential, we are playing in the Champions League for the third consecutive season. But you can't only play like this in the Champions League. In order to get into the Champions League every year, you need to perform well in the Russian championship. We lack this. We need the same emotions in every game. I hope in the match against Dynamo we will show the same level.

- You made some crazy saves today. Is this the hardest match of your life?

- It's always hard to play against such teams. Sometimes you make saves, sometimes you don't. I think I should have made a save in the episode with a conceded goal. I will not say that this is the most difficult game, but it’s definitely one of them. There are no easy matches in the Champions League. It was also tough against Salzburg.

04 November 2020 0:22

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