Jaloliddinov: I try to be like Miranchuk

Jaloliddinov: I try to be like Miranchuk

Jasurbek Jaloliddinov made his debut for Lokomotiv in the friendly game against the Russian U-19 team (1:3).

- How would you rate your first match for Lokomotiv?

- It was difficult. I have fully adapted in the team, but I still need to get fit. There was a pause in the Uzbekistan championship, I did not play for a long time.

- Are you satisfied with your performance today?

- No, I'm not 100 percent ready yet. And when you are not one hundred percent physically ready, it is difficult to fully express yourself.

- Today you played along the entire front of the attack. Where do you feel most comfortable?

- There is no difference - left, right or under the striker.

- What task did the coach give you?

- Help the wings and act as a second striker. Play closer to Eder.

- How would you rate the team's performance as a whole?

- It is necessary to draw conclusions. Any defeat is not good, because all games are important. We played well, but the game will be forgotten, but the result will remain.

- You said that you completely adapted in the team. Who helped you?

- All the guys - Guilherme, Corluka. We stayed with Lesha Miranchuk after trainings, hitting free kicks. After training for a month with him, I learned a lot. It is a pity that he left.

- After Lesha's transfer, you posted a photo with him and called him an idol.

- Yes, he is my idol. As a child, I followed him and wanted to become the same football player. I see what he has and what I lack. I try to be like Miranchuk, but it is completely impossible to fully replace him.

07 September 2020 20:13

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