Lokomotiv lost to Zenit in the Super Cup game

Lokomotiv lost to Zenit in the Super Cup game

15 days after the end of last season, Lokomotiv and Zenit opened a new one. During a short break between championships, both teams have changed noticeably. Joao Mario, Kolomeytsev, Farfan, Dorofeev, Idowu and Suleymanov left the club. Zenit parted ways with Ivanovic, Smolnikov, Shatov, Mammana and Kuzyaev. Lystsov, Jaloliddinov and Smolov were Lokomotiv's new signings. Though, Lystsov and Jaloliddinov did not make the squad for this game, while Fedor Smolov was on the bench. Zenit's only signing Dejan Lovren started from the beginning.

By the sixth minute, the teams exchanged long-range shots. Dzyuba passed the ball to Driussi, who shot the ball over the crossbar. After that Anton Miranchuk tried his luck from outside the box - Kerzhakov pulled a brilliant save.

After that, Zenit controlled the ball and for several minutes did not give it away. Nevertheless, their goal came from a counter attack. Douglas Santos crossed the ball into the box, where Dzyuba was first on the ball and headed it into the back of the net.

The goal allowed Zenit to step back and wait for their moment, while Lokomotiv had to attack using large forces. However, neither Lokomotiv's attacks, nor Zenit's counter attacks were dangerous. Lokomotiv had a large number of attempts, but only 3 of them were on target.

Zenit started the second half with two chances. First chance came after a cross from the wing, but Azmoun hit it wide, and a few minutes later Ozdoev hit the post after a low cross from the wing.
On the 62nd minute, Eder got injured and could not continue. The Portuguese was replaced by Smolov, who could have scored with the first touch. Anton made a through ball into the penalty area, but Fedor hit straight at the goalkeeper from an acute angle.

In the second half, Lokomotiv increased the pressure on the opponent, but Zenit dealt with it well and scored on counter attack. Malcolm ran down the wing and gave the ball to Driussi, who passed it to Ozdoev. Ozdoev had a go from outside the box and the ball went perfectly in the top corner.

Lokomotiv was back in the game a minute later - Corluka scored after a corner. The game changed, Lokomotiv were on top and locked Zenit near the goal.

Smolov could have scored an equaliser on the 85th minute. Corluka headed the ball to Fedor after a free-kick, but Fedor’s shot was too weak and goalkeeper picked up the ball without any problems.

Zenit was able to defend the score and therefore won their third trophy in a month. Lokomotiv will face Rubin in Kazan on Tuesday.

Olimp - Russian Super Cup

Zenit - Lokomotiv - 2:1 (1:0)
Goals: Dzyuba, 14 (1:0). Ozdoev, 70 (2:0). Corluka, 71 (2:1)

Zenit: Kerzhakov, Karavaev, Rakitskiy, Lovren, Ozdoev (Erokhin, 88), Barrios, Dzyuba (Mostovoy, 81), Azmoun (Rigoni, 92), Driussi (Musaev, 88), Malcom (Zhirkov, 81)
Lokomotiv: Guilherme, Ignatjev, Rybus, Murilo, Corluka, Magkeev, (Zhemaletdinov, 71), Barinov, Krychowiak, Al. Miranchuk, An. Miranchuk (Rybchinskiy, 81), Eder (Smolov, 62)
Bookings: Rybus, 19. Magkeev, 49. Driussi, 59. Al. Miranchuk, 64. Ozdoev, 67. Barinov, 72. An. Miranchuk, 78. Zhirkov, 85. Azmoun, 92
Referee: Mikhail Vilkov (Nizhny Novgorod)
August 7, 2020. Moscow, VEB Arena

07 August 2020 21:14

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