Syomin: I didn't say anything harsh to the referee

Syomin: I  didn't say anything harsh  to the referee

Lokomotiv’s head coach Yuriy Syomin summarizes the game against Zenit (0:0) and explains his ejection.

- It’s always hard to play with Zenit and this game was no exception. We did well in defense but set up less counters than we usually do. Actually there was just one, when Miranchuk failed to score in the end of the game. But defensewise, the team played outstandingly. Claiming a point in Saint Petersburg is a step forward. I’m happy with the players’ performances.

- What’s with Corluka?

- Tibialis anterior muscle spasm. I think it’s going to be okay.

- What did you feel when you found out that Dzyuba wouldn’t play and Azmoun would remain on the bench?

- Nothing. I pay all my attention to my own team. The only thing was that we had to adapt to different players.

- How would you comment on your ejection?

- I think that the referee acted too early. Probably he remembered the game with Ufa when he booked 8 of our players and I criticised him for that. I didn’t say anything harsh. In the episode with the second yellow card I pointed out that Zenit’s player had
committed three fouls on our half of the pitch. The first yellow card came when I doubted the booking of Hoewedes. He touched the ball, this happened lose to where I was standing. The referee could have simply warned me, not eject. I didn’t say anything harsh. It’s football - it’s good when there are emotions. But the referee put them out for some reason.

- Have you ever been sent off often when you were a player?

- I often got booked.

- Are you happy with how your assistants took charge?

- We were in touch. The game was going well, without much problems. Together we made one substitution. I think we worked well.

- Your future is still unclear - are you worried?

- I will be patient and wait.

- How did you like Magkeyev. He was named the MVP.

- I was very happy with how he performed at the camps. This booked him a place in the starting eleven for now. Today he was busy with defensive work. Last year there were some problems with signing a contract but I’m happy that he stayed.

- Is it hard to plan the tactic with just one striker?

- I’m not going to lament this. We’ll look for other options. We have Zhemaletdinov, maybe someone of the youngsters will impress. Now it’s useless to talk about this. We just need our team fit and healthy. Still ten games to go.

29 February 2020 21:34

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