Alexey Back And Scores! Lokomotiv Beat Arsenal!

Alexey Back And Scores! Lokomotiv Beat Arsenal!

Lokomotiv faced Arsenal having two of their players sidelined. Krychowiak aggregated two yellow cards and was missing the game, while Zhemaletdinov was out due to an injury. Alexey Miranchuk had recovered but remained on the bench. Grzegorz’s position was filled by Kolomeytsev while Eder covered for Rifat.

It was the Portuguese who scored the opener. Smolov forced keeper Levashov to make a mistake, had the ball and crossed to the penalty area where Eder shook off a defender and sent it home.

However, Arsenal leveled in the following offensive. Kangwa  found himself one-on-one with Guilherme and headed the  ball over the keeper. Our players were sure the opposition’s striker had been offside but the VAR showed Corluka’s bad timing while trying to play an offside trap.

Five  minutes later Lokomotiv lost another player due to an injury. Smolov  felt unable to continue and was substituted for Miranchuk. The midfielder was making mistakes in the first minutes but as soon as he caught up with the team he took the home side in the lead. Eder set up for Alexey in the area and Levashov had to knock him down. The referee pointed at the  spot, Miranchuk had a go and scored.

Arsenal were desperate to equalize. The visitors controlled the  ball, were constantly building  up pressure but Lokomotiv stood  strong and secured a fourth consecutive win that keeps the team in the race for the title.

Russian Championship. Gameweek 12.

Lokomotiv – Arsenal – 2:1 (2:1)
Goals: Eder, 10 (1:0). Kangwa, 11 (1:1). Al. Miranchuk, 45 (pen.) (2:1)

Lokomotiv: Guilherme, IgnatyevCorluka, Hoewedes (Magkeyev, 46), Rybus, Barinov, Murilo, Kolomeytsev (Idowu, 84), Joao Mario, Smolov (Al. Miranchuk, 19), Eder
Arsenal: Levashov, Bauer, Belyaev, Grigalava, kangwa, Tkachyov, Alvares, Gorbatenko, Lomovitskiy (Tudorie, 83), Lutsenko (Lesovoy, 46), Kostadinov
Yellow cards: Ignatyev, 23. Barinov, 50. Alvares, 61. Kostadinov, 63. Lomovitskiy, 73. Grigalava, 81.
Referee: Sergey Lapochkin (Saint Petersburg)
October 6, 2019. Moscow, RZD Arena

06 October 2019 16:07

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