Leonid Kuchuk: "We reorganized but Arsenal didn't get it"

Leonid Kuchuk:
Having beaten Arsenal on their ground 0:2, Leonid Kuchuk told the post-match press-conference he liked the Gunners and thanked Manu Fernandes.

- As this game has ended, is it rightful to say Lokomotiv have overcome the absence of Diarra and Boussoufa?
– Why did we have to overcome it at all?

– They were the key players...
– A key player is a player who is on the pitch and gets ready for the season. We were not going to overcome anything. We made use of the players who are in the team. Waiting for two or three months that a person picks up the phone takes you nowhere.

- Is it worth waiting for them to turn up, then?
– Let's discuss the game, shall we? After the game against CSKA in May we said good-bye to each other warmly, and smiled - now the journalists are saying there was some conflict between me and them. I bet the journalists know everything better. But they didn't notice the we parted well. There was no conflict. It's just that the footballers must work under their contracts professionally.

- What's your take on Arsenal?
– We see a very purposeful team. They play well, and their fans help them. The stands here are a real #12. Of course, Arsenal wanted to show what they're made of after the last week defeat to Zenit. We knew it and just waited for a chance. We've had plenty, but didn't capitalize on all of them. On the whole, I like Arsenal.

– To the outsider, bringing off Fernandes looked unexpected...
– That's what you think as an outsider. To me, everything's clear. You can think something's strange, but I don't.

– But Fernandes was substituted just seven minutes after he scored...
– I repeat: it looks strange to you, but not to me. N'Doye and Niasse, two athletic and rapid subs made the second goal: Niasse assisted and N'Doye scored. As for Fernandes, he scored a wonderful goal and really impressed. I want to thank him for this match. But a team have to be able to reorganize during the game, and we did, but Arsenal didn't get it. As they say, a second is enough.

– What was your tactics for the game?
– We had to put pressure on the opponents but couldn't always succeed in it in the first half. In the second half we did much better, bit in the end something broke down again. After the half-time we treated our chances much more carefully and tried not to give Arsenal space.

- Will the club buy any more new players?
- Maybe. While the transfer window is open you can expect anything. Until the very last day.

– Do you think the team is 100% complete?
- A coach always lacks something. He always has his own view on the team and what player he needs. Besides we're taking part in three competitions this time, so even the number of players matters: we need to have not 18-20 but 22-24 men.

10 August 2014 23:06

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