Oganesyan: Our attacking actions lacked the aggressive edge

Oganesyan: Our attacking actions lacked the aggressive edge

Lokomotiv coach Sarkis Oganesyan shared his thoughts on the match with Terek, while answering questions on #OurCherkizovoLIVE.


- What soft points did you spot in Terek’s play?

- We had watched some of their recent games. I must admit Terek's flanks don't work well. They had problems with both Zenit and Mordovia. We endeavoured to check the opponent in the first minutes. But the visitors resisted well and covered all zones. Their defence was very tight. It was hard to get through these barricades.

We decided to boost up our attacking potential and brought on Kolomeytsev as an attacking midfielder after half-time. We counted on set pieces, too. But, alas, nothing came of it. It's annoying that we have lost points. Our team lacked the aggressive edge, which could have made Terek defenders mess up.

- But the guys don’t have any psychological issues, do they?

- When at home, we want to entertain the fans, and attack vigorously. You have to keep in mind, though, that the adversary scrutinize you, too, as they prepare for the game.

- Why did you start Logashov as centre-back?

- Pejcinovic was slightly injured and kept from active training for a week. We tried other guys in the position but chose Logashov, eventually. Arseniy looked good, just as the rest of the team. Alas, all our raids fizzled out. We had chances – not as many as we’d like to - but finishing failed.

- Why don't you make use of Fernandes?

- Don’t forget the limit rule. His position is occupied by Miranchuk, and he looks better than Fernandes.

- Let’s go further - why Niasse?

- All of Skuletic's goals were headers. Niasse can play in a hole, and he has pace. In that respect, he is our first pick.

16 August 2015 17:13

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