L-3516 Locomotive
L-3516 Locomotive


In 2006, when Lokomotiv Sports Community turned 70, JSC Russian Railways presented the club with a real L-3526 locomotive once produced at the Voroshilovgrad Steam Locomotive Plant.

This steam locomotive has become the club's real symbol, and it has a story to tell. The Garage Manager Oleg Dmitriyev once told it to the "Nash Loko" magazine:

"After the locomotive had been restored near Smolensk, it was sent here. By the time it arrived under the Cherkizovo bridge, we had a whole special operation developed, with special units deployed on the ground: a huge 18-axis platform came - it is usually used to carry structural beams or bridge spans. Also, a gigantic KATO crane truck was used to lift the locomotive and place it on the platform. The police stopped all traffic on the Shchyolkovskoye Highway for 1,5 hour and the city utility service dismounted trolleybus wires and supporting posts on the bridge.

When everything was ready the crane put the present on the platform which carried it to the stadium gate. Naturally, it couldn't pass the gate due to its size, so the locomotive was taken off, the carrier passed the gate and then it was mounted on it again. It was all so difficult I couldn't believe we would do it. The truck advanced very slowly and the whole situation was so unusual, but as you can see we did it."

The square in front of the locomotive is a popular meeting spot among the fans. The events organized by the club are held here, and different official merchandize is raffled. Everyone can take part or support their friends. Besides, the locomotive is the #1 point in the stadium walk tour.

Not only the locomotive became a symbol, but also the whistle and steam. First time they were used during the RZD Cup 2007 games but then forgotten for a while. In season 2012/13 the whistle blew again: from then on, every gameweek an hour and half-an-hour before the game it signals that the game starts soon.