RZD Arena
RZD Arena


Building of stadium started in 2000 and in 2002 the new arena was already opened.

Uniqueness of the stadium is in its construction. Four ferroconcrete pylons (each of them resembles russian lеtter «Л») holding up the roof. This technology is used in bridge building usually. But roof, especially of such a big size, had never been hung up before.

RZD Arena is a purely football stadium. There are no tracks here, only deep ditch between pitch and tribunes.

Double level tribunes are divided on 4 sides: Nord, South, Ost and West. In additition there are VIP boxes between top and lower circles.


Name RZD Arena
Previous name Stalinec, Lokomotiv
Architecture Dmitriy Bush
Opening match Lokomotiv – Uralan, 05.07.2002
Size of the pitch 104x68 meters
Capacity 27 084 seats
Grass cover Desso DLW (Netherlands)
Guest tribune 2345 seats
VIP boxes 60 commercial (from 10 to 20 seats)
TV positions up to 15
Commentator`s positions 30
Press box 242 seats
Lighting 1500 lux
Ticketing system Ticket Soft
Address 107553, Moscow, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya, 125
Telephone + 7 (495) 500 31 03
Ticket sales points + 7 (495) 500 30 61